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    Angel In The Waters
    Ask The Bible Geek
    Saint Anthony And The Christ Child - A Vision Book
    The Adventures of Loupio
    The Adventures of Loupio, Volume 2
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    The Beatitudes for Children
    Baltimore Catechism No. 3
    A Book of Angels
    Baltimore Catechism No. 2
    The Book Of Virtues
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    The Catholic Bible In Pictures
    Children's Marian Catechism (Willy Wheat) Set
    Credo: I Believe Activity Book
    Credo: I Believe Teacher's Manual
    Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls
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    Saint Dominic And The Rosary - A Vision Book
    The Dangerous Book for Boys
    Downright Dencey
    The Drovers Road Collection
    Destination: Bethlehem
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    Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book
    Edmund Campion: The Hero of God's Underground - A Vision Book
    Easter Bunny's Amazing Day
    Saint Elizabeth's Three Crowns - A Vision Book
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    Father McBride's Teen Catechism
    Father Marquette And The Great River - A Vision Book
    First Communion E-Copybook Manuscript Worksheets
    From Passover to Eucharist
    Following Christ Activity Book
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    God's Merciful Love :Grade 6 Student Text 2nd Ed.
    The Gospel for Little Ones
    God's Wisdom for Little Girls
    Goops and How to Be Them
    God's Merciful Love: Grade 6 Teacher
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    Saint Hyacinth of Poland
    The Harp and Laurel Wreath
    Coloring Book About the Holy Bible
    Holy Name of Jesus Coloring Book
    Harry Dee
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    If All the Swords in England
    Saint Isaac and the Indians - A Vision Book
    St. Ignatius and the Company of Jesus - A Vision Book
    St. Ignatius of Loyola
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    Jesse Tree Ornament Kit
    Jesus Our Guide Activity Book
    Jesus Our Life Teacher's Manual
    Saint John Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio - A Vision Book
    Saint Joan: The Girl Soldier - A Vision Book
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    Kateri Tekakwitha: Mohawk Maiden - A Vision Book
    St. Katharine Drexel: Friend of the Oppressed - A Vision Book
    The Kitchen Madonna
    Kindergarten Activities Book
    Saint Katharine Drexel
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    Loyola Kids Book Of Heroes
    Los Siete Sacramentos
    Living the Ten Commandments for Children
    The Life Of Grace Teacher's Manual
    Little Life of Jesus
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    Modern Saints Their Lives and Faces Book II
    Magnifikid! 1 Year US Subscription
    Maria, Mi Madre
    My First Holy Communion
    Mother Mary - God's Quick And Easy Way To Divine H
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    The New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism
    The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1
    The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2
    The Nativity
    Nativity Star Advent Calendar
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    Our Life With Jesus Activity Book
    Our Lady Came To Fatima - A Vision Book
    Our Life In The Church Activity Book
    Our Heavenly Father Student Text
    Our Life With Jesus Teacher's Manual
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    St. Patrick's Summer
    Pauline Jaricot
    Saint Philip Of The Joyous Heart - A Vision Book
    Prayer Bank Craft Kit
    The Parable Of Willy Wheat
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    Questions for God

    Rosary Coloring Book
    Rosary for Children
    The Rosary Coloring Book
    Rosary for Children Pamphlet
    Rosary Reflections Workbook
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    The Secret of the Shamrock
    Saint Louis and the Last Crusade
    The Squire and the Scroll
    The Sign of the Carved CrossChime Travelers #02
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    Saint Thomas Aquinas
    St. Thomas Aquinas And the Preaching Beggars - A Vision Book
    Saint Therese And the Roses - A Vision Book
    Tom Playfair
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    Understanding the Trinity poster, Laminated
    Up and Down the River

    St. Vincent De Paul: Saint Of Charity - A Vision Book
    Victory on the Walls
    The Vigil Advent Calendar
    Vocation Doll: Sr. Mary Clara
    Victory on the Walls
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    Way of the Cross for Children
    We Celebrate the Sacrifice of Love (The Mass) 2nd Ed
    Why Am I Here?
    The Way of the Cross
    We Follow Jesus Student Text, 2nd Edition
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    Your First Communion


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