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10 Books Every Catholic Should Read

Picture of Gary Zimak

by Gary Zimak

Created (07/14/2009)
My Blog: The Catholic Truth
Occupation: Founder of The Catholic Truth

List Creator Says: "These books have been instrumental in helping me to learn more about the Catholic Faith. All of them are suitable for beginners, but will also benefit those who are already familiar with the basics of Catholic teaching. "
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Catechism Of The Catholic Church

 - Second Edition, Softcover

This item received 5 stars overall.

Theology For Beginners

This item received 4 stars overall.

Author:  Frank J Sheed

My Daily Bread

 - A Summary Of The Spiritual Life

Author:  Rev. Anthony Paone, S.J.

Catholicism For Dummies

This item received 3 stars overall.

Fr. John Trigilio
Fr. Kenneth Brighenti

Conversing with God in Scripture

 - A Contemporary Approach to Lectio Divina

Author:  Stephen J. Binz

Loving the Holy Mass

Author:  Edward G. Maristany

Search and Rescue

 - How to Bring Your Family and Friends into - or Back into - the Catholic Church

This item received 5 stars overall.

Author:  Patrick Madrid

7 Secrets of the Eucharist

Author:  Vinny Flynn

The Priest is Not His Own

Author:  Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The Apostles

This item received 4 stars overall.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Pope Benedict, XVI

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