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Catholic Review of: Walking with God

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Jeff Cavins
Dr. Tim Gray

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This item received 5 stars overall. (05/29/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

Kristen JBy Kristen J (CA) - See all my reviews


“Walking with God”: essential for casual or serious Catholic Bible studies

Evaluator Comments

At a recent Bible Study (using the stellar Ignatius Catholic Bible Study to study 1 Corinthians), we found ourselves discussing some of the incidents in the Old Testament and lamenting how our muddy understanding of the Old Testament makes it hard for us to readily understand the richness of the new.

I immediately thought of Jeff Cavins’ “Great Adventure” course , which turns-up periodically in its primitive form on EWTN. Even those of us who don’t have the time or money to take such an in-depth course right now have a real need to understand the basic narrative of the Scriptures to give us a framework to put our knowledge in and to understand Jesus’ words and the apostles’ teaching more clearly. So, I eagerly told the ladies that Mr. Cavins and Dr. Tim Gray have given us a scaled-back yet rich course in one essential volume, for our Bible Study groups or for personal use, “Walking with God: A Journey Through the Bible.” ***

I am very impressed by several features, including:

  • a logical and detailed chronological walk through the Bible’s narrative in twelve chapters
  • an attractive layout and detailed maps, charts/illustrations, and index
  • a color-coded system explained on the front flap to aid memory of the twelve eras (this ties-in to the video series and materials), and
  • an imprimatur by Archbishop Chaput and a recommendation by Dr. Scott Hahn.

This volume successfully resists being what it is not — a textbook — but packs-in a vast amount of useful information (with sparingly-used footnotes), including historical references and citations of the Church Fathers.

It has to hit the ground running, so to speak, navigating the creation controversy artfully by addressing literary types and the core of the story: covenant.

I put-together for myself an inexpensive but invaluable study package that I would recommend, consisting of:

Basically, what I am doing is carefully reading this book and referencing the colorful timeline to keep it straight in my mind, while jotting notes in the journal, which is itself printed with many study helps. This method helps me remember (I learn by writing.) and will provide a good reference for me in future Bible studies and in homeschooling.

*** Many thanks to Aquinas and More Catholic Goods for providing a review copy to me. Please visit my blog, Proufoundly Catholic, for posts about Bible study and more!

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