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Company Information

Tiber River is a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Colorado, and under the legal company name of, that exists to provide religious education via the Internet.

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Mission Statement

Tiber River is dedicated to providing authentically Catholic information and opinions about different areas of Catholic culture and to promote liturgical education throughout the Catholic world. The support of family values through our work will help to rebuild a truly Catholic culture that can be the salt of the earth and a light on the hill.

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What Is Tiber River?

Tiber River is a division of Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the premier online Catholic store and the only store with a Good Faith Guarantee.

We created Tiber River because we believe that one of our primary missions as a Catholic retail business is to educate Catholics about the products they buy. We aren't here just to sell stuff. We are here to provide products and information that will change your life.

The core service of Tiber River is to provide an evaluation service that deals with in-print books and media that claim to be Catholic or have a Catholic interest. Evaluations are an objective presentation of facts about the book measured against the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church (the pope in union with the bishops). The focus of this service is helping individuals find the most appropriate book(s) and media for their particular needs or situations. We believe this is accomplished only by knowing more about the individuals involved and/or individuals knowing much more about the content of a book not offered by the publishers before they read it.

  1. Evaluating books that are timely in their current importance, that are submitted to us via our Sponsor An Evaluation program, and that are judged by Tiber River to be a priority for the public.
  2. Providing a forum for individuals to discuss books and also meet the authors through the Catholic Book Discussion website.
  3. Provide liturgical documents, spiritual enrichment, and other resources related to the Catholic Mass and other liturgical events through the Catholic Liturgical Library.
  4. Direction of where to purchase the books we recommend to make it easy for you to obtain them.

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Why the need for Tiber River?

Catholic books and media change lives. There are so many stories of how one book changed a person forever. However, a good book at the wrong time can be ineffective or counterproductive. Worse yet, a bad book at the right time can be harmful or devastating. Tiber River recognizes a Catholic market full of thousands of books, CDs and DVDs, and many more being produced every year. In many subject areas there can be many, many titles available. For the reader, it can be very confusing and overwhelming. There are so many great books in print in the Catholic market. Publishers want to sell these great books, so they are all promoted well, and they sell well. It is getting harder and harder for an individual to know how best to spend the precious little time they have for reading. The question is not whether the book is good, but "is it right for me?" "Is it the right timing for me to read or listen to this product?" "Is there a better product on this subject that would help me?"

On the other hand, there are a growing number of books and media that are questionable regarding the presentation of the Catholic faith in their content. There are books in print in the Catholic market that either are NOT "Catholic" or they misrepresent the Catholic faith in ways that are dangerous enough to be unsuitable reading on the subject. That is, books whose content presents the teachings of the Catholic Church falsely or in a confusing way. Some of these titles even have Imprimaturs. There are also many books that need "qualifying" regarding certain comments presented. They are otherwise fine books to read and of value to be read, but there are some things to be aware of so a decision can be made as to whether or not a particular reader is ready for that book. Some books that claim to be Catholic should flat-out not be read by any soul. Finally, even books that are sound in their content regarding the faith may have reading levels or styles that a particular reader is not quite ready for or perhaps they are beyond those levels.

Tiber River exists to tend to all these needs missing from the Catholic book market. We exist to put the individual first and help them find what is best for them and make educated decisions about what they choose to read. We exist to help expose the contents of those books and other products that present the truths of the Catholic faith in a misleading or confusing way, and those that present errors disguised as truth.

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C/O Aquinas and More Catholic Goods 4727 N Academy Blvd, Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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