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Catholic Recommendations by Breanne Clarke

Picture of Breanne Clarke Age: 28

From: CO

More About Me:

I graduated from the University of Dallas in Irving, TX (and Rome) where I received a classical education, studying the Great Books of Western Civilization.

My interests include playing guitar, piano and organ, theology, art and web design, hiking, skiing and playing in the park. 

I am currently a retail store manager, organist, and a leader of a Catholic young adult group in Colorado Springs.  I have also illustrated a series of study guides.

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My Recommended Lists:

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Best Books for Understanding Theology, Grace and Predestination (Created: 06/15/2009)

List Creator Says: "The Catholic doctrine of Grace has been twisted into various heresies throughout the history of the Church. Do we need Grace to desire God? Does God give everyone Grace? How is Grace balanced with Free Will? These books will answer these questions and probably any other question you've ever had about Grace, Salvation, Free Will and Predestination."

Displaying 1-1 of 1 lists.

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