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Sponsor a Tiber River Review

Is there a specific product that you would like to see reviewed?

Are you an author or manufacturer who would like to get some publicity?

You can expedite that process in two ways:

  1. Mail us five copies of the product which we can offer to our reviewers for review. Since we always let our reviewers choose from a selection of products, we can't guarantee that all six of your items will be distributed and reviewed.
  2. You can also fill out the sponsorship form on any product and we will purchase as many books as we can with your sponsorship to offer for review. Again, since our reviewers aren't forced to choose a particular product, we can't guarantee that all the products you sponsor will be reviewed but we will try very, very hard to make sure they are.

Our address is:

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods
Attn: Tiber River Reviews
4727 N Academy Blvd., Ste A
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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