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Mary: Reflection of the Trinity and First-Fruits of Creation

Author:  Sr. Rosa Lombardi

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From The Cover

A unique and in-depth study of Mary’s relationship with God from a Trinitarian perspective.

“Mary’s beauty can be a source of authentic enthusiasm. In Rosa Lombardi’s Mary: Reflection of the Trinity and First-Fruits of Creation the enthusiasm is not superficial but solidly based and rooted in mariological teaching, and it makes constant reference to Scripture, tradition, the documents of the magisterium, and the reflections of contemporary writers. The work does not simply assert that Mary is an ‘enchanting creature, the most beautiful flower that ever bloomed in the garden of humanity, who sprang from God’s creative mind, from the very heart of the Trinity.’ It also shows us how and why this masterpiece came into being through God’s marvelous plan.... We thank the author for bringing out the wonders of grace and Trinitarian life that were revealed in Mary.” From the Foreword by Jean Galot

Sr. Rosa Lombardi M.P.F., a member of the Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini, lives and teaches in Rome.

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