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Ten Minutes A Day To Heaven

Author:  Fr. John Peter Arendzen

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From The Cover

Fr. John Peter Arendzen

An easy way to persevere in prayer and meditation

For most of us these days, work and distractions compete with malice as major obstacles barring our way to Heaven. We see the path that lies wide before us; we resolve to tread it faithfully with daily prayer, meditation, and good works; and we even manage to stay the course for a day or so.

Then along comes an unexpected visitor or family strife or a project that demands overtime. Our meditations get postponed, our prayers grow infrequent, and before we realize it, we've somehow forgotten our resolve to seek Heaven daily.

This book solves that problem.

Put it by your bedside. First thing in the morning or last thing at night, take it up and spend ten minutes reading it, just one chapter a day. Adopt the wisdom in that chapter as your own personal theme for the next twenty-four hours: "Revere the name of Jesus" or "Be faithful in little things" or "Forgive others." There are more than sixty such themes here. In clear, simple, practical ways, each shows you how to make your own spiritual virtue that forms the topic of the chapter.

Taken all together, these brief instructions will help you make significant progress in those areas of your life where progress is essential if you hope to gain Heaven. You'll learn how to center your life on God, cultivate your spiritual life, live your Faith, practice virtue, fight sin, sanctify your home, love your neighbor, grow holier through the sacraments, and, in good times and bad, keep your gaze fixed on Heaven.

Best of all, Fr. Arendzen, the wise spiritual director who wrote this book, makes each of these virtues so appealing that you'll find yourself eager to stay the course, and to return each morning or evening to these pages. Let them serve you as your own personal ten minutes a day to Heaven!

John Peter Arendzen (1873-1954), a native of Amsterdam, spent his life as a priest spreading the faith in England. His eloquence and clarity led the Daily Mail to name him one of England's "Preachers of the Century."

Imprimatur: Leonellus Can. Evans, Vic. Gen. Westminster, September 19, 1938

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