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Thank You Sister!

Author:  Beverly Pangle Scott

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From The Cover

Beverly Pangle Scott
Foreward by Jean Byrne

It is painfully obvious in our world today that there is a craving for sensational news. At the same time, people yearn for uplifting stories with a deeper meaning, Thank You, Sister! fills the bill for good, inspiring reading. Baby boomers are drawn to the book by the nostalgic referenc's throughout. For Catholics, this includes rituals such as Benediction and May Processions as well as allusions to uniforms, The Baltimore Catechism, stories of saints and martyrs. Non-Catholics will enjoy reminders of cultural milestones of the era such as the Kennedy election in 1960, the Eichmann trial, and the tragic deaths of rock and roll idols, Catholic schools during the mid-1950s to early 1960s were centers of academic excellence and spiritual nourishment. Catholic nuns wee the axis of this world, Their devotion to learning and vigilant attention to the spiritual well-being of their students make an inspiring story.

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