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Why Be Catholic?

Author:  Patrick Madrid

  • Surprised by Truth
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From The Cover

 Don't miss this fast-paced and information-packed series of apologetics seminars on the biblical and historical evidence for the truth of the Catholic Church presented by best-selling author and veteran Catholic apologist, Patrick Madrid. Fantastic for personal or group study of the Catholic Faith.

 This new 2-DVD set contains a wealth of excellent apologetics content, Bible verse "pop-up screens" that display Scripture passages as they are quoted, and the proven technique of someone who knows from experience both how to "do" apologetics effectively and how to teach others apologetics. Now you can have Patrick Madrid coach you in apologetics through this exciting new DVD presentation!

Seminars include:

  • Why Be Catholic?
  • 10 Mistakes Catholics Make When Sharing the Faith (Search & Rescue)
  • The Bible and the Catholic Church: A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • Surprised by Truth: Why Are So Many Protestants Becoming Catholic?

The "Why Be Catholic? (When You Can Be Anything Else)" DVD set will help you, your friends, your children, and your fellow parishioners . . .

Learn the historical case for the Catholic Church.
Discover the powerful biblical evidence for Catholic teaching.
Grow in your love for Christ and His Church.
Understand how to share your faith more effectively.

2-DVD Set 

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