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Parenting with Prayer

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From The Cover

"I enjoyed reading Mary Ann Kuharski's book, Parenting With Prayer.  Mary Ann presents an excellent message for parents and children.  I was especially pleased with her overview of the basic teachings and practices of ou Church.  Her strong message on the sacredness of Sunday  for the entire family is much needed.  Many families will find this book enjoyable and easy to read."   

                                                              -Most Rev. Paul V. Dudley
                                                                         Bishop of Sioux Falls

"Wow!  That best expresses how I feel after having read Mary Ann Kuharski's book.  Mary Ann, in combining the ingredients of  faith, love, humor, and witness, has produced a book that can be an excellent tool for Catholic parents in raising strong Catholic children.  Mary Ann's love for God and zest for life is contagious.  Read this book and you will 'catch it too.'"
                                                                 -Molly Kelly
                                                                           Pro-life Speaker & Chastity Educator

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