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Fire and Sword

Author:  Matthew Arnold

  • St. Joseph Communications
  • ISBN: 1-57058-414-1
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From The Cover

Questions Answered in this Series:

  • What was the real motive behind the Crusades?
  • Did Catholic Inquisitors really kill millions of innocent people?
  • Why did the Reformation happen?
  • Was the medieval Church corrupt?
  • Are the Crusades responsible for modern Muslim resentment of the West?
  • Why should the Middle Ages rightly be called the "Age of Faith?"
  • How can Christians justify the use of force?
  • Why did some reformers consider reason an enemy of faith?
  • What does modern scholarship say about the Crusades and Inquisitions?
  • Why don't legitimate medieval scholars get more media attention?
  • And much more...9781570584145

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