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Sacred Treasures II

  • CD
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From The Cover

The psalm "Miserere mei Deus" is a prayer for mercy, contrition and renewal. Since the 1630s, Gregorio Allegri's famous setting has been sung at dawn during Holy Week, while the Pope kneels in prayer in the solemn candlelit atmosphere of the Sistine Chapel. This contemporary version, recorded in the spectral grandeur of Osnabruck Cathedral, adds new material composed by Vladimir Ivanoff to the ethereal harmonies of the Osnabruck Youth Choir and the elegiac brass tones of the cornetto, recreating the mysterious beauty of this sacred classic

Track Listing

  1. Miserere: Miserere Mei
  2. Miserere: Et Secundum 
  3. Miserere: Amplius
  4. Miserere: Tibi Soli
  5. Miserere: Ecce Enim
  6. Miserere: Asperges Me
  7. Miserere: Averte Faciem
  8. Miserere: Cor Mundum
  9. Miserere: Danza I
  10. Miserere: Quoniam Si Voluisses
  11. Miserere: Tunc Acceptabis
  12. Miserere: Sofferenza
  13. Miserere: Tunc Imponent
  14. Miserere: Danza II

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