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His Love Endures Forever

  • Paraclete Press
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From The Cover

Beautiful polyphonic music from Gloriae Dei Cantores.

Through the ages, beginning in the courts of King David, ringing through the Temple in Jerusalem, from synagogues, cathedrals, and churches all over the world, the poetry of the Psalms has been sung in myriad ways. No other set of texts provides the full spectrum of human emotion and communication between man and his Maker like the Psalms.

Gloriae Dei Cantores presents the third volume of its Psalmody series, His Love Endures Forever: Psalms of Thankfulness and Praise. This collection containts twenty-one of the most beautiful psalm tunes and the most uplifting texts in the series. From Psalm 8, "O Lord, our Governor, how excellent is Thy Name in all the world," to the final verse of Psalm 150, "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord," these psalms express the utmost of praise and thanksgiving to God in every circumstance, and from every corner of creation.

His Love Endures Forever: Psalms of Thankfulness and Praise is Gloriae Dei Cantores final CD in the Psalmody collection. The choir inherited its edition of Psalmody from Dr. George Guest of Cambridge, England, and has sung the Psalms in worship for more than twenty years. Choral directors, singers, and all who enjoy sacred choral music will value these joyful and enriching psalms of praise, sung by one of America's top choirs.

1 Psalm 96 O sing unto the Lord a new song (C.V. Stanford) 3:30
2 Psalm 118 O give thanks unto the Lord (P.W. Whitlock) 5:32
3 Psalm 8 O Lord our Governor (G. Woodward) 2:12
4 Psalm 34 I will alway give thanks unto the Lord (T. Attwood) 3:54
5 Psalm 98 O sing unto the Lord (T. Attwood) 2:02
6 Psalm 103 Praise the Lord O my soul (I. Atkins) 4:54
7 Psalm 92 It is a good thing to give thanks (F. Bridge) 2:44
8 Psalm 65 Thou O God art praised in Sion (P.W. Whitlock) 2:58
9 Psalm 29 Ascribe unto the Lord (J. Turle) 2:06
10 Psalm 149 O sing unto the Lord a new song (M. Boyle) 2:00
11 Psalm 113 Praise the Lord ye servents (F.A.G. Ouseley) 1:29
12 Psalm 107 O give thanks unto the Lord (J. Goss) 7:41
13 Psalm 147 O praise the Lord (from Luther) 3:28
14 Psalm 33 Rejoice in the Lord (J. Randall) 3:57
15 Psalm 136 O give thanks unto the Lord (C.H. Lloyd) 5:14
16 Psalm 67 God be merciful unto us and bless us (B. Luard Selby) 1:41
17 Psalm 97 The Lord is King, the earth may be glad (G. Martin) 2:31
18 Psalm 99 The Lord is King (P.W. Whitlock) 2:05

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