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Your Labor Of Love

Author:  Agnes M. Penny

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Catholic Reviews of Your Labor Of Love

Overall Rating: This item received 4 stars overall. (09/08/2011)
Orthodoxy: Mostly adheres to Church teachings.
Reading Level: Easy
Synopsis: Spiritual Guidance for Those Seeking to Glorify God Through Their Pregnancy
From The Cover

Your Labor of Love is a new book written by a young Catholic mother of three childre (so far). She began writing this book after her first pregnancy because she had been unable to find a Catholic book of spiritual encouragement for expectant mothers. "I wrote to sort things out in my own mind," she says: "the seemingly interminable morning sickness and discouragment of the previous nine months, and the inexpressible joys I was experiencing in caring for a baby all my own at last."

In this book the author shares with readers the spiritual solutions she found to the normal problems and struggles women typically experience with pregnancy. And she covers these in 36 short chapters, on topics such as Love's Great Adventure, Tiredness, Mood Swings, Praying for Your Baby, Seeking Physical Comfort, Fearfulness, Bearing Saints, A Long Wait, Marital Difficulties, Rin-Ins with In-Laws, Post Partum, and many others.

This book is perfect for women who want to accept the challenges and joys of motherhood according to God's will, rather than to follow the wisdom of the world. But it is also extremely insightful for all women - before, during and after child-bearing. Highly practical, truly Catholic and very uplifting, Your Labor of Love will be a great support for all Catholic mothers in their struggles with motherhood. It is also a real eye-opener for men, giving them key insights about women and their tremendous vocation of bearing children for Heaven.

About the Author

Agnes M. Penny was born and raised in Norwood, Massachusetts, the youngest of twelve children. She graduated from Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia in 1997, with a degree in English literature. She and her husband Daniel, who teaches theology at Allentown Central Catholic High School, were married in 1998. They currently reside in Whitehall, Pennsylvania with their three little girls, aged 3 1/2 years, 2 1/2 years, and 1 year old. The couple are currently expecting their fourth child.

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