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For Better...Forever!

Author:  Ronald J Rychlak

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Catholic Reviews of For Better... Forever

Overall Rating: This item received 1 star overall. (06/14/2009)
Orthodoxy: Some questionable material.
Reading Level: Easy
Synopsis: Some good advice mixed with questionable theology.
From The Cover

Is it really possible to live "Happily Ever After"?

Is "happily ever after" something that occurs only in fairy tales? Is it possible for an ordinary couple to have a joy-filled, fulfilling marriage that lasts a lifetime?

Yes! Couples can have a marvelous marriage from the day they take their vows until death do them part.

So what's the secret to an amazing marriage?

Drawing from his years of clinical practice, as well as his own practical experiences as a husband and father, Gregory Popcak explores the characteristics that create strong relationships and help couples determine both their strengths and their weaknesses.  He offers down-to-earth ideas and suggestions for keeping marriages alive and vital long after the wedding ceremony.  By showing how all marriages must move along "The Relationship Pathway," from less fulfilling to exceptional, Popcak convincingly demonstrates that every married couple has the potential to avoid divorce and live happily ever after!

About the Author
Gregory K. Popcak, MSW, LCSW, practices adult and child psychotherapy in West Virginia.

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