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Hell And Its Torments

Author:  St. Robert Bellarmine

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From The Cover

Originally delivered in Latin as one of five sermons on the "Four Last Things" (Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven) to a congregation largely consisting of faculty and students at the University of Louvain in Belgium, Hell and Its Torments us a novel and vigorous consideration of the reality of Hell and its punishments, one that will certainly inspire people to do whatever is necessary not to go there. Delivered about 1574, when St. Robert was a young man of only 32, it still makes entirely modern reading even today.

He scores exceptionaly well on the tremendous gravity of sin (a point man's mind has great difficulty perceiving), the entire and overwhelming beatitude of those in Heaven versus the complete and unthinkable suffering of those in Hell, the nature and endless NOW of Eternity and the resultant despair and rage of the damned.

Nobody likes to think about Hell, but it is most assuredly a reality taught again and again by Our Lord in Scripture; therefore, it is something He undoubtedly wishes us to consider well. And Hell and Its Torments by St. Robert Belarrmine is perfectly conceived to focus our minds on the essential realities of Hell and gives us more than adequate motivation to do all that we must in order not to go there.

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