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Precious Treasure

Author:  Elizabeth Matthews

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From The Cover

Elizabeth Matthews never expected her son Patrick to be diagnosed with autism. But she didn't expect him to become her "escalator to heaven," either, as he was decorating the walls of the family home with mud and crayons. In Precious Treasure: The Story of Patrick, Matthews describes, with candor and humor, the joys, challenges, and heartaches of raising a child with special needs.

"If you have ever wondered what it means to 'give without counting the cost,' Precious Treasure spells it out with all the simplicity and generosity of a close friend...You will never look at your children or your parenting the same way again."
- Marie Bellet, Singer and songwriter

"Beth Matthews shares both her strengths and her weaknesses in such a way that you will be drawn into a glimpse of yourself...And in the midst of it all, you will appreciate more deeply than before your own family and the ways in which the Lord is using your loved ones to draw your heart closer to Him."
- Kimberly Hahn, Author, Life-Giving Love

"This is a story of a beautiful young man who...liberated [his parents] from cultural patterns, from their highly planned life. It tells how he led them to the heart of the Gospel message, a road to life, to greater happiness and holiness through seeing life and people through the heart and eyes of Jesus."
- Jean Vanier, Founder, L'Arche

"I warmly recommend this book...It will greatly challenge and encourage every parent, as it did me, and will show parents how children are treasures from a loving Father graciously sent to prepare them for an eternal home."
- Steve Wood, President, Family Life Center International

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