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Rosary Reflections Workbook

  • Catholic Word
  • ISBN: 1-932645-15-2
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From The Cover

Are your children or students bored during the Rosary?

No more!  Parent-and-teacher-approved Rosary Reflections is a new method of teaching children to pray and contemplate the Rosary.

Since many children have difficulty contemplating the mysteries while they are saying the prayers, Rosary Reflections helps them learn techniques such as visualization.  This unique drawing pad allows children to enter into the mysteries in a more personal and enjoyable way.  Each sheet can be left in the pad or removed and conveniently folded-down to letter-size for filing. 

Rosary Reflections and Rosary Reflections for Kids is a response to the Pope's call in his recent apostolic letter On the Most Holy Rosary for this most fruitful prayer to be "revitalized" and "reclaimed in its full meaning."  The Holy Father notes that the Rosary is essentially a contemplative prayer--without contemplation, it is "without a soul, and its recitation runs the risk of becoming a mechanical repetition of formulas."  Rosary Reflections helps children contemplate the mysteries.

There are several ways children and students can use Rosary Reflections:

  • Contemplate the mysteries by drawing pictures of each mystery, one in each of the five areas.
  • Draw pictures of people or intentions they are praying for.
  • Write out the five main prayers of the Rosary.
  • Color each bead oas each prayer is spoken
  • Draw Jesus on the cross as they pray the Apostles Creed.

You will find many other uses as you and your children explore the mysteries of the Rosary together at home, school, or church.


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