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Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

Author:  Pope John Paul II

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Catholic Reviews of Rise Let Us Be On Our Way

Overall Rating: This item received 5 stars overall. (05/24/2010)
Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Synopsis: The Role of Bishop According to John Paul II
From The Cover

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
Pope John Paul II

Following the success of the international bestseller Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Pope John Paul II provides the world with a glimpse into his past in RISE, LET US BE ON OUR WAY. Chronicling the years he spent as a bishop and later archbishop in Krakow, Poland through his election as the first Polish Pope in 1978, he recounts everything from communist efforts to suppress the church in Poland to his efforts to adopt a new and more open style of pastoral ministry. With recollections on his life as well as his thoughts on the issues facing the world now, Pope John Paul II offers words of wisdom in this book that will appeal to people of any faith looking to strengthen their spirituality.

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