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Handbook of Catholic Apologetics

Peter J. Kreeft, Ph.D.
Fr. Robert K. Tacelli, S.J.

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Catholic Reviews of Handbook of Catholic Apologetics

Overall Rating: This item received 4 stars overall. (08/19/2009)
Orthodoxy: Mostly adheres to Church teachings.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Synopsis: Reissue of a Previous Title
From The Cover

An important new Catholic apologetics resource and a "must have" for your library.

Unbelievers, doubters and skeptics continue to attack the truths of Christianity. Handbook of Catholic Apologetics is the only book that categorizes and summarizes all the major arguments in support of the main Christian beliefs. Also included is a Protestant-friendly treatment of Catholic-Protestant issues. The Catholic answers to Protestant questions show how Catholicism is the fullness of the Christian faith.

Handbook of Catholic Apologetics is full of the wisdom and wit, clarity and insight of philosophers Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli. This is an informative and valuable guidebook for anyone looking for answers to questions of faith and reason. Whether you are asking the questions yourself or want to respond to others who are, here is the resource you have been waiting for.

Topics include:


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