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Homo Viator

Author:  Gabriel Marcel

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From The Cover

This edition of Marcel's inspiring Homo Viator has been updated to includle fifty pages of new materials available for the first time in English, making this the first English-language edition to conform to the standard French edition. Here, Christianity's foremost existentialist of the twentieth century gives us a prodigious personal insight on 'man on the way' that will reinforce and commend our own pilgrimages in hope.

"Homo Viator - "Homo Viator - or as Marcel calls him, 'itinerate man' - is an outstanding example of the philosophy concerned, not with technical problems, but with the urgent problems of man. Marcel talks to our condition, emphasizing our urgent need of hope, thus discovering beyond the lack of stability the values on which we may depend.

"A subtle mind, a dramatist as well as a philosopher, close to the texture of human experience, he goes far beyond current platitudes to show that our Western tradition contains living truths that are as essential to our contemporary life as they were to our ancestors when they discovered them." - Eliseo Vivas

"The theme of Marcel's Homo Viator is close to the center of all preoccupations: man in his pilgrim condition. With great virtuosity in the use of his own philosophical method, he probes into interpersonal relations and the threat to ethical values. Marcel excels here in his concrete analyses of the attitude of hope, the family community in its temporal and supratemporal aspects, and the forgotten virtue of personal fidelity." - James Collins

Gabriel Marcel's many works include philosophy, drama, and poetry. He was the Gifford laureate in 1950-51, published as the two-volume Mystery of Being (St. Augustine's Press). Also avail-able from St. Augustine's by Marcel: Man against Mass Society and Thou Shall Not Die!

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