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Padre Pio: In My Own Words

Author:  Anthony F. Chiffolo, Editor

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Catholic Reviews of Padre Pio: In My Own Words

Overall Rating: This item received 5 stars overall. (04/15/2012)
Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy
Synopsis: A Treasure Chest of Small Gems from St Pio
From The Cover

Anthony F. Chiffolo

Blessed Padre Pio, humble peasant and world-famous stigmatist, spoke simple words of Christian encouragement and inspiration to all who approached him seeking counsel. This biographical sketch and collection of memorable sayings is a compact and accessible introduction to the life and message of one of the great religious figures of the 20th century.

Born Francesco Forgione on May 25, 1887, at Pietrelcino in southeastern Italy, Padre Pio joined the Capuchin Order in 1903 and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1910. On September 20, 1918, he received the sacred wounds of Christ, which medical science could not explain and which he bore for the rest of his life. Although he did not leave his monastery and was under obedience not to write or preach, this humble monk was renowned for his piety, his wise counsel, and his miracles. Padre Pio died in 1968 and was canonized by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2002.

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