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Talks On The Song Of Songs

Author:  St. Bernard of Clairvaux

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From The Cover

Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-11530), one of Christianity's greatest mystics and father of what was perhaps the most influencial new monastic order of the Middle Ages - Cistercians - devoted eighteen years of his life to his literary masterpiece, Sermons on the Song of Songs.

Although the Song of Songs, a brief book in the Old Testament, contains no explicit mention of God, the passionate love poetry became for Bernard a springboard into a major exposition of Scripture and an illuminated allegory of the spiritual life.  Simply said, this gentle saint found God incarnate in every word.
This volume, containing excerpts from each of Bernard's 86 sermons, joins the Paraclete Christian Classic Series, a highly-acclaimed series devoted to making the great writers of the faith accessible to today's readers.  Offering a fascinating glimpse of Bernard's spirituality, as well as his profound understanding of Christian theology, these writings encourage us to open ourselves to a new experience of love - the transforming and all-fulfilling embrace of God.

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