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If You Love Me...Show Me!

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From The Cover

Paul and Jenny are in love, and tonight's the night they prove it.  Or so Paul decides as he takes Jenny for a ride to the local lover's lane.  They don't know it, but they're in for a wilder ride than they could ever imagine - one that will change their lives forever.

IF YOU LOVE ME...SHOW ME! is a rollicking story about two teenagers as they struggle with sexuality:  How do they know they're really in love?  How do they show it?  How about sex?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  How far is too far?

Fast-paced and funny, this is an engaging story about convictions and the courage to stand by them.  Its fresh, realistic approach challenges teens to see sexuality in its natural context of love and life, and sets them on the road to success and happiness in all their relationships.

IF YOU LOVE ME...SHOW ME! will delight and surprise teenagers everywhere with its sophisticated style and ingenious use of animation.

A great resource for teenagers, parents and educators!

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