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I Confess

Author:  Alfred Hitchcock

  • Warner Brothers
  • ISBN: 0-7907-4240-3
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From The Cover

Alfred Hitchcock had a genius for turning "morality plays" upside down and even sideways, ensnaring audiences inside a gray area between ethical behavior and social hypocrisy. I Confess is a powerful example, in which a Catholic priest's sacred oath regarding the sanctity of the confessional is woven into the worst possible "what if" scenario.

Father Michael Logan (Montgomery Clift), apparently a model of clerical piety, hears the confession of a killer. Eyewitness accounts point to the priest as the slayer and the sacrament of penance forbids Logan to speak out - even in his own defense - when circumstantial evidence points to Logan as the prime suspect!

Academy Award winners Anne Baxter and Karl Malden co-star as a former flame and a police inspector whose attempts to clear Logan only entrap him further. Filmed in Quebec on locations highlighting that city's Old World traditions, I Confess races toward a climax that's unforgettable. And in true Hitchcock fashion, you'll confess to being hooked all the way.

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