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Passion Interviews

Author:  Raymond Arroyo

  • EWTN
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From The Cover

"Scouting the world over for all that is -- seen and unseen" is the task The World Over Live sets itself each week.  EWTNews director Raymond Arroyo takes you behind the scenes of the making of The Passion Of The Christ, with exclusive, in-depth interviews with Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel.  EWTN was the only broadcast organization allowed on set in Rome, and Arroyo conducted the first exclusive interview with Mel Gibson about the film.  Also included is the exclusive on-location intervies with actor Jim Caviezel.  The man who played the King of Kings in what is now an international blockbuster.  Interspersed with video clips from The Passion Of The Christ, this EWTN Home Video is a treasure to own and to give.

Exclusive EWTN Bonus Material:

  • Raymond Arroyo's follow-up  World Over interview with actor Jim Caviezel prior to the American premiere of The Passion Of The Christ.
  • EWTN Bookmark host Doug keck and Raymond Arroyo's in-depth conversation about Arroyo's visit to the set of this groundbreaking production, and the publication of the companion book, The Passion: Photography from the Movie the Passion of the Christ.

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