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All For the Glory of God, Vol. II

Author:  Vicky Kolman

  • All For The Glory of God Ministries
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From The Cover

"One of the Lord’s greatest gifts to me in my blindness is the ability to play piano by ear.  It is a gift that brings both joy and challenge at the same time. 

In order to play by ear it is critical to know the words of a song as well as the melody so that I can then play the melody to the words that I have learned.  In the recording of these CDs, I have found it quite challenging to learn the words for so many songs.  In the process, though, something quite incredible happens.  As I ask the Lord to teach me the words, He teaches not only my mind but my heart and soul, too.  Then, He draws me to Himself and opens my eyes more fully to see who He is.  What treasures and surprises God brings through the challenges of life.  .   

My prayer is that the Lord will draw you more fully to Himself through this music, and abundantly bless you through the many challenges of your life." - Vicky Kolman

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