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Sex, Love, Relationships

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Straight Talk with Pam Stenzel

Here is practical help for some of the most important choices every teenager must face.

Today's youth have not been told the whole truth about the consequences of sexual activity, experimentation and permissiveness. Teenagers love Pam Stenzel because she tells it to them straight in showing how the pervasive sexual permissiveness of our culture is a deceptive trap. Every young person should have the benefit of the hard-hitting reality check in the four-part series. Pam's message is helping thousands avoid disastrous consequences of unwise choices.

This is material every teenager deserves to know. It concerns nothing less than their whole life and future.

The four sessions are:

1. The Physical Consequences

2. The Emotional Consequences

3. The Spiritual Consequences

4. The Character Consequences

The complete curriculum package includes:

•Comprehensive leader's guide

•Reproducible student handouts

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