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The Priests

Fr. Eugene O'Hagan
Fr. Martin O'Hagan
Fr. David Delargy

  • Average Rating: This item received 5 stars overall.
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Catholic Reviews of Priests

Overall Rating: This item received 5 stars overall. (08/31/2009)
Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: N/A
Synopsis: A Beautiful and Timeless Performance
From The Cover

The Priests

A wonderful new CD of Catholic classics sung by three Irish tenor priests who are based in northern Ireland. Global Superstars The Priests - Father Eugene O’Hagan, his brother Martin and their old school friend David Delargy - are amongst the most recognized and successful acts in both the religious and secular worlds, having sold 3 million albums.

It was at St. MacNissi’s College in Derry, Ireland, where Father Eugene O’Hagen, Father Martin O’Hagen, and Father David Delargy met for the first time and realized their musical prowess as a singing trio. Nicknamed Holy Holy Holy by their peers due to their shared determination to enter the priesthood, the talented group was first noticed by a priest at their school.

After leaving St. MacNissi’s, they followed their vocation, training at The Seminary in Belfast, and The Priests concluded their studies at the revered Irish College in Rome.

While in Rome, Eugene took singing lessons with the famous Sergio Ballani, music director for the Vatican. Almost immediately their combined talent was recognized: They were invited by the Pope’s private secretary, Monseignour Magee, to sing for the Pope in the sacred liturgy.

The Priests’ careers overlapped once again as they all eventually returned to Ireland, where they began their work in various special ministries. Each now lives the life of a full time parish priest, tending the spiritual needs of their parishioners.

The outpouring of interest and support for the trio has shown that the world is ready for something positive and beautiful in these difficult and challenging times. From the Label

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