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No Ordinary Fool: A Testimony to Grace

Author:  Fr. John Jay Hughes

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From The Cover

No Ordinary Fool: A Testimony to Grace by John Jay Hughes

Foreward by George Weigel

Why does a gifted boy from a privileged Establishment background decide, at the age of twelve, to spend his life as a priest? And what moves him, after six happy years in the Anglican priesthood, to enter the alien world of Roman Catholicism?

In a gripping narrative full of humor and self-directed irony, John Jay Hughes tells of the loss of his mother at age six, entry into the Catholic Church at the cost of estrangement from his beloved Anglican priest-father, his lifelong search for God in prayer, and his joy in priesthood, 'all I ever wanted from age twelve.

John Jay Hughes is the son and grandson of Anglican priests and a direct descendant of the first Chief Justice and one of the Founding Fathers, John Jay. A priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and a church historian, Father Hughes is the author of 10 previously published books, has taught at universities on both sides of the Atlantic, served as a pstor of three parishes, and served in diocesan administration.

Please note: This is a slightly damaged copy, the cover is bent, and it is a Final Clearance item.

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