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St. Catherine Of Siena

Author:  Ralph Martin

  • St. Joseph Communications
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From The Cover

Throughout the history of the Church, God has raised up men and women to boldly proclaim the Gospel message of salvation and communicate its truths to others. These people - often times uneducated yet devout believers - lived intense lives of prayer and penance and devoted themselves completely to the service of Christ and His Church. By their inspiring words heroic witness, they made an unbelievable impact on others and inspired fellow Christians to greater lives of holiness.

God's Instrument of Healing, Unity and Peace
In this exciting new six-tape series, St. Catherine of Siena: Growing in Love, Ralph Martin will introduce you to one such special person. The twenty-third of twenty-four children, St. Catherine exerted incredible influence on the Church of the Fourteenth Century. And although she was only a laywoman, God made use of St. Catherine to persuade Pope Gregory XI to leave France and return to Rome, and also to direct kings and queens to ue their authority for the good of others.

Spiritual Dialogue
A well-known author and speaker, Ralph Martin closely examines Catherine's spiritual doctrine as revealed in her great work, The Dialogue. Through this excellent explanation of St. Catherine's life and spirituality, you'll discover spiritual tools to come to a greater understanding of such topics as Heaven and Hell, growth in virtue, conversion, struggle, growth in prayer, and the signs and fruits of spiritual union. This great Doctor of the Church will enlighten your mind and soul so that you might grow in virtue and deepen your commitment to a life of holiness.

Cut Through the Confusion of Our Times
Ralph Martin's St. Catherine of Siena: Growing in Love provides a spiritual and theological remedy for our times in the mystical writings of St. Catherine. Her razor sharp grasp of what is ultimately important in this life provides a precise roadmap to intense spiritual union with Our Lord. Her clear biblical vision of God's plan of salvation combined with the practical instruction about growing in the spiritual life will greatly benefit those willing to simply listen and learn. Cut through the confusion of our times and grow in the infinite love of God!


  • Why St. Catherine's doctrinal nsights are most pertinent for today's Church
  • How Catherine of Siena's writings came to be, despite her complete lack of formal education
  • The specific stages of spiritual growth as taught by St. Catherine of Siena
  • How Jesus is the "bridge" between our fallen world and Heaven
  • Which four distinct punishments are experienced by those in Hell
  • What the notion of "mystical marriage" means in the spiritual life
  • How our concern for others does not end in Heaven
  • Why the three stages of our spiritual journey actually reflect Christ upon the Cross

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