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Damnation History

Author:  Dr. Scott Hahn, Ph.D.

  • St. Joseph Communications
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From The Cover

Dr. Scott Hahn

Get a grip on Sin & More Fully Appropriate God's Gift of Salvation... Discover Your Divine Destiny by Laying claim to your Unholy Heritage!

Highlets of this series:

  • What is the cause of sin -- both personal and corporate
  • How faith purifies reason from presumption
  • Why believers are commanded to "make holy" the sabbath and the things of God
  • How symbolism of good and evil is written in the very fabric of creation
  • How sin makes man "dis-graced", "dis-possessed" and "dis-empowered" before God
  • Why guilt and shame are symptoms of a larger spiritual sickness
  • How "martyrdom of mortification" is the only way to combat sexual and spiritual struggles
  • Why God's wrath is often an expression of His Mercy
  • How Baptism and the Eucharist are covenant pledges
  • Why the Covenant is our "life, fire & flood insurance" for salvation
  • Why pride and envy are such deadly sins

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