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Pascha: Hymns of the Resurrection

  • SVS Press
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From The Cover

The complete hymns of Pascha - sung by the St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary Male Choir and conducted by David Drillock.



1. Thy Resurrection, O Christ Our Savior (Kieven Chant)
2. The Paschal Verses
3. The Great Litany (S. Smolensky)
4. Resurrection Kanon, Odes 1 and 3 (B. Ledkovsky)
5. Before The Dawn (Theofan)
6. Thou Didst Descend Into The Tomb (B. Ledkovsky)
7. Having Beheld The Resurrection Of Christ (B. Ledkovsky)
8. Resurrection Kanon, Odes 4, 5, and 6 (B. Ledkovsky)
9. The Angel Cried (M. Balakirev)
10. In The Flesh Thou Didst Fall Asleep (A. Glazunov)
11. Let God Arise (Znamenny Chant)
12. Christ Is Risen (Paschal Troparion)
13. Grace Shining Forth (Valaam Motif)
14. The First Antiphon (Znamenny Chant)
15. The Second Antiphon (Znamenny Chant) / Only Begotten Son (B. Ledkovsky)
16. The Third Antiphon (Greek, Arabic, Slavonic, English)
17. As Many As Have Been Baptized (A. Kastalsky, Et Al.)
18. This Is The Day Which The Lord Has Made (N. Kedrov)

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