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Benedictine Monks- Christmas Chants

  • CD
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From The Cover

This Milan release features 25 tracks occuring at Christmas, a time where Gregorian chant becomes jubliant, albeit with a restrained happiness, quite different from what we see from shepherds and the music of the classicists. The Church’s chant becomes powerful and terribly dense.

01. Prayers. Rorate Cali Desuper. Mode I
02. Antiphon. O Sapientia. Mode II
03. Introit. Gaudete In domino Semper And Psalm 84, 1. Mode I
04. Hymn. Christ, Redemptor Omnium. Mode I
05. Invitational Antiphon. Christus Natus est Nobis And Psalm 94, 1-2. Mode IV
06. First Lesson Of Maitins, Acc. To Isaiah 9, 1-6. Primo Tempore.
07. Hymn. A Solis Ortus Cardine. Mode III
08. Antiphon. Quem Vidistis, Pastores? Mode II
09. Antiphon. Facta Est Cum Angelo. Mode II
10. Communion. Liturgia Mozarabe. Gustate Et Videte. Mode II
11. Antiphon. Rubum Quem Viderat And Magnificat. Mode IV
12. Alleluia. Dies Sanctificatus. Mode II
13. Communion. Viderunt Omnes. Mode I
14. Canticle. Puer Natus In Bethlehem. Mode I
15. Canticle. Adeste Fideles. Mode Vi
16. Introit. Dominus Dixit And Psalm 2, 1. Mode II
17. Introit. Puer Natus Est Nobis And Psalm 97, 1. Mode VII
18. Gradual. Omnes De Saba. Mode V
19. Antiphon. Alma Redemptoris Mater. Mode V
20. Hymn. Panis Angelicus. Mode IV
21. Invitational Antiphon. Christum regem. Mode IV v 22. Hymn. Adoro Te Devote. Mode V
23. Hymn. Te Decet Laus. Mode II
24. Antiphon. Laudemus Dominum And Psalm 116. Mode II
25. Canticle. Ave Verum. Mode VI

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