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Letters to My Brother Priests (1979-2005)

Author:  Pope John Paul II

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From The Cover
The complete collection of Pope John Paul II's Holy Thursday letters to priests will be available just in time for Easter in this single volume collector's edition.

About the Book

“On this holy day, the liturgy takes us inside the Upper Room.” Thus wrote Pope John Paul II in 1979 in his first Holy Thursday letter, a tradition he continued until his passing in 2005. The Upper Room is what John Paul II’s annual letters were all about: coming to a deeper understanding of the theology of the priesthood, instituted that first Holy Thursday almost two millennia ago.

Letters to My Brother Priests will help every priest understand the theology behind his ministry. This book will help every seminarian understand the august status he pursues. This book will help every one understand why priests are so essential to every Christian’s faith and vocation within the Church.

In October 1995, Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) made some reflections on the theology of the priesthood. Since the Second Vatican Council, he remarked, “the Pope’s “Holy Thursday Letters” to Priests... have been applying the theme more concretely to everyday priestly life.” Letters to My Brother Priests is integral to understanding and carrying out the priesthood in the modern world.

Includes foreword by Most Reverend Gabriel Montalvo, Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to the United States.

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