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Foundational Apologetics Books

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by Patrick Madrid

Created (06/04/2009)
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List Creator Says: "Please note that these are not my "top ten" books but, rather, they are ten important books that make for a solid foundation in apologetics upon which one can build. I would advise anyone who is serious about engaging in apologetics to carefully read each of these at the outset. There are other important works I could add, but these will provide a good start for any aspiring apologist."
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Handbook of Catholic Apologetics

 - Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith

This item received 4 stars overall.

Peter J. Kreeft, Ph.D.
Fr. Robert K. Tacelli, S.J.

Handbook Of Christian Apologetics

 - Hundreds Of Answers To Critical Questions

This item received 5 stars overall.

Peter J. Kreeft, Ph.D.
Fr. Robert K. Tacelli, S.J.

The Last Superstition

 - A Refutation of the New Atheism

The Sources of Catholic Dogma

Author:  Rev. Heinrich Denzinger

Socratic Logic

 - A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions, and Aristotelian Principles

Theology And Sanity

Author:  Frank J Sheed

The Meaning of Tradition

Author:  Fr. Yves Congar, O.P.

A History of Apologetics

Author:  Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J.

An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine

Author:  Cardinal John Henry Newman

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma

Author:  Rev. Dr. Ludwig Ott

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