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20 Catholic Family Classics

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by Michael Novak

Created (06/17/2009)
My Blog: Michael Novak
Occupation: Author, Philosopher, Theologian

List Creator Says: "Catholicism is not just a 'belief system' but a whole culture to be lived, a culture universal in time and range, an inexhaustible store of rich human living and reflecting, immensely creative and leavening among all other world cultures. For more than a decade, Ralph McInerny and I have been planning a vital series of books - Catholic Family Classics - that illuminate this cultural heritage."
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Kristin Lavransdatter

 - Three Classic Novels

This item received 5 stars overall.

Author:  Sigrid Undset

Brideshead Revisited

Author:  Evelyn Waugh

The Idea of a University

 - by Cardinal John Henry Newman

Author:  Cardinal John Henry Newman

Confessions Of St. Augustine, Hardback

This item received 5 stars overall.

Author:  St. Augustine of Hippo

The Portal of the Mystery of Hope

Author:  Charles Peguy

Divine Comedy

Author:  Dante Alighieri

Integral Humanism, Freedom in the Modern World, and A Letter on Independence

 - Collected Works of Jacques Maritain Series

Author:  Jacques Maritain

The Making of Europe

 - The Works of Christopher Dawson

Author:  Christopher Dawson

Diary of a Country Priest

Author:  Georges Bernanos


Author:  Georges Bernanos

Monsieur Ouine

Author:  Georges Bernanos

The Mystery of Being

 - Volume Two: Faith and Reality

Author:  Gabriel Marcel

The Mystery of Being

 - Volume One: Reflection and Mystery

Author:  Gabriel Marcel

Homo Viator

 - Introduction to the Metaphysic of Hope

Author:  Gabriel Marcel

Thou Shall Not Die

Author:  Gabriel Marcel

Man Against Mass Society

Author:  Gabriel Marcel

Democracy in America

Author:  Alexis de Tocqueville

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Author:  J.R.R. Tolkien

The History of Freedom and Other Essays

Author:  John E. E. Dalberg Acton

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