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Ten Books Every Catholic Should Read

Picture of George Rutler

by Fr. George Rutler

Created (05/29/2009)
Occupation: Pastor of the Church of Our Savior

List Creator Says: "Each year I change my ten favorite books. A list of books a Catholic should read it different from "my favorites" - it is always tempting to impose one's tastes on others. I can think of a hundred books every Catholic should read. But for starters:"
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The Spiritual Combat

 - And a Treatise on Peace of Soul

Author:  Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli

The Four Cardinal Virtues

Author:  Josef Pieper

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Author:  Cardinal John Henry Newman

Spirit of Catholicism

The Spirit of Catholicism

Author:  Karl Adam


 - by G. K. Chesterton

Enquiries Into Religion and Culture

Enquiries Into Religion and Culture

Author:  Christopher Dawson

The Oxford Dictionary of Saints

 - Fifth Edition

Author:  David Hugh Farmer

The Oxford Dictionary of Popes

 - Updated Edition

J. N. D. Kelly
Michael Walsh

Pastoral and Occasional Sermons

Pastoral and Occasional Sermons

Author:  Msgr. Ronald A. Knox, M.A

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