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Catholic Review of: Through Her Eyes - Rosary CD

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Author:  Mark Mallett

  • Average Rating: This item received 5 stars overall.
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This item received 5 stars overall. (05/01/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
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CassBy Cass (SC) - See all my reviews


A wonderful version of the Rosary!

Evaluator Comments

The Through Her Eyes Rosary helped me during a hospital stay. During the day, my husband was there to keep me company whenever I was awake, but a night, this helped me get through the pain and loneliness of being along in a hospital after surgery. The music was beautiful. The words were perfect. Since then, I've listened to this in the car and at home. My children all love it and often ask for me to turn it on.
The tone of each set of mysteries fits well with the mysteries themselves. In some cases, I've found music can detract from prayer, but in this case the music seems to benefit my prayer time. I don't always have a Rosary with me, but I don't need it with this. I can still go ahead and pray the whole thing without missing prayers or forgetting my place. With young children it also helps that I can easily just listen to one mystery at a time and continue with more a little later if needed.
As a mother, prayer time can be hard to make fit when it has to happen a certain way, but this has been an enjoyable way to add more prayer during any time I can find. I've listened to, and prayed with, this version of the Rosary while folding laundry, snuggling a sick child, crocheting a blanket, driving, and during the few quiet moments of prayer and reflection that I can find during the day.
As easy as it has been to listen to, my favorite part of it all is that my children love it. I can't help but smile when my 3 year old asks for the Rosary music. She is my youngest, and it is often a challenge to get her to quiet down, but when this is turned on she is all too happy to sit with me quietly. She's started repeating parts of it softly to herself when it plays. I've even heard her saying parts of it to her baby dolls during play time. Anything that can encourage even my youngest to start learning her prayers without any complaint is a wonderful thing in my opinion.
This has been wonderful for the whole family.

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