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Catholic Review of: The Domestic Church: Room by Room, A Mother's Study Guide

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Author:  Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

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This item received 4 stars overall. (04/28/2014)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

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A New Look At Each Room

Evaluator Comments

Sometimes as a mother it is so easy to forget that each room can be spiritual important as well as functional for day to day life. This books goes from room to room giving you a chance to look at the space in another way. It also has some great questions that really make you think about your relationship with God and how that part of your life is being incoperated into your everyday spaces, thoughts, and actions. I do wish some of the questions had more space for filling in the answers, but it's easy enough to get a small notebook for answering the questions in. There were some things that probably could've been written better, but overall this book was a positive read.

I've lent this book to a number of mothers that have come back and told me that it was like a small retreat for them. As they went through the book chapter by chapter, and their house room by room, they were able to take a short bit of time for themselves to focus on their own relationship with God and to find better ways to share that and encourage it within the rest of the members of their families.

I think Domestc Church: Room by Room, a Mother's Study Guide, is a great way to bring a mother's focus back to God. Many moms are always busy with so many things that sometimes God falls to the side. This book is a great study guide to help bring God back into focus in your life, and doesn't require a huge chunk of time everyday the way some things do. I can usually find 20 minutes to read and think, but it takes me twice that just to drive to my church and back, and that doesn't include any of the time I would spend actually at the church that day. I don't have that amount of time on a daily basis to spend in my church, but I do have the little bit of time needed to bring a sense of church into my own home.


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