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Catholic Review of: The Screwtape Letters

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Author:  C S Lewis

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This item received 5 stars overall. (11/28/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

 Tara De LuciaBy Tara De Lucia (FL) - See all my reviews


C.S. Lewis in his finest- a classic

Evaluator Comments

The Screwtape Letters allows the reader to enter into the fascinating mind of C.S Lewis and his interpretation of Heaven and Hell.  Written as letters between and uncle and his nephew, we learn about the deception of the evil one and his attempts to keep us from our Father in Heaven.  I found this book engaging and captivating.  Different statements throughout the book literally made me stop and ponder its meaning in my life.  Not many books can challenge the reader to take a step back and see where we have lost our way in our quest to Heaven. 
C.S. Lewis challenges the reader to dig deeper into ones soul and evaluate where we may be deceived.  Comical and serious in the same breath the book engages you from the beginning and will keep you wanting to know more. I enjoy Lewis' writing style and the flow of the book.  He uses different examples of men and women and how they are commonly deceived into thinking relativism and intellect can trump spiritualism. Lewis emphasizes the importance of spirituality through highlighting the negative pathway of the egocentric scholar.  How easy it is t believe in the thoughts we have versus the Christian principles we know so well.    It was written during a time period when communism was rampant and the author ties in his strong feeling against it. 
I highly recommend this book for any reader as it is easy to read and interesting.   C.S. Lewis is well known for his writings and Screwtape may be among the best.  It is a classic book that everyone should have the chance to read at some time in their lives. 
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