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Catholic Review of: God's Providence Explained

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Author:  Fr. Henri Morice

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This item received 4 stars overall. (06/22/2009)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

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God cares about each of us individually.

Evaluator Comments

In a Nutshell: In God's Providence Explained, Henri Morice preaches the good news of God's singular love and individual care for each of us. Morice draws from Sacred Scripture, Church teaching, and the wisdom and example of the saints to explain the nature of God's good providence and our role in the divine plan. Morice's reflections help readers gain the perspective they need in order to cooperate with God's hidden designs and fulfill their life's purpose. Among other things, Morice helps readers to discern the will of God, to have hope despite sinfulness, find joy in suffering, and to maintain peace of soul. It is easy to become trapped by the world's temporal thinking and consumed by insignificant cares. God's Providence Explained beautifully dwarfs the world beside a vast eternity, and dilutes our anxieties in a sea of God's fatherly love.

Content: God's Providence Explained is divided into five basic sections. In each of these sections Morice draws out a particular teaching of the Church concerning God's providence. Morice does not use theological arguments to establish his statements. Rather, he assumes his premises are true by authority of the teaching Church and he proceeds to offer reflections on these truths.

The first section, entitled You have a special place in God's plan, reflects on the uniquely individual attention God's Providence gives to each human soul.

The second section, entitled Providence enlightens, consoles, and draws you to God, considers the great benefit we have of divine guidance and the many ways God speaks to us and offers us assistance along the way.

The third section, entitled God's ways will surprise you, contemplates the nature of God and how his ways are superior to the ways of men.

The fourth section, entitled Providence calls for your response, reflects on our duties and responsibilities in our own salvation.

The fifth and final section, entitled Trust in providence brings peace and joy, considers the fruits of trust in God's care for us.

Form: God's Providence Explained was originally published in 1930 under the title Gospel of Divine Providence.

Morice's writing is rather poetic. As God's Providence Explained is an inspirational book, Morice's rhetorical flare has the benefit of strong metaphors and memorable images. On the other hand, his language is sometimes overly florid, using such phrases as "by and by." This style of writing may have been more popular in the 1930s, but it strikes us as archaic today, and perhaps a bit pretentious.

Evaluator's Comments: Whether you are a seasoned Catholic or not a Christian at all, God's Providence Explained will adjust your thinking about your life. It is full of good material for meditation and is a helpful aid to gaining a proper perspective. It is read easily enough, if you don't much mind the florid language, and will prove well worth the time. --Suzanne Temple

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