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Catholic Review of: The Latin Mass Explained

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Author:  Msgr. George Moorman

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This item received 4 stars overall. (06/10/2009)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

 Jillian SBy Jillian S (OH) - See all my reviews


A must-have for anyone wishing to better understand the Latin Mass!

Evaluator Comments

Msgr. Moorman's explanation of the Latin Mass in this small book is great! This is the most detailed explanation of the Latin Mass, without being overbearing on the details, that I've found . Msgr. Moorman's writing style is very direct and easy to read. Before even beginning to explain the bits and pieces of the Latin Mass, Msgr. Moorman explains precisely what the Mass is and what that means for us. This little book was also immensely helpful in better appreciating not only what takes place at Mass, but entering into a deeper (and active) interior participation, and appreciating the Tridentine liturgy as something that must be preserved.

Msgr. Moorman clearly and succinctly explains everything about the Latin Mass-- what the Mass is, why particular actions are performed, what is used for the Latin Mass and why it's used, the vestments worn by the clergy, and what the prayers mean. Msgr. Moorman also gives a short, but effective, defense for Latin as the language of the liturgy. The last half of the book is the actual texts of the Latin Mass using the readings and prayers from Trinity Sunday alongside Msgr. Moorman's very helpful explanations and commentary. I only wish I'd found this little book before attending my first Tridentine Mass!

For anyone wishing to attend a Latin Mass, I also recommend this book as a practical point; there's a list of when to stand, sit, and kneel during the liturgy--so no worries about feeling lost! It's a great size book to take along when without a 1962 Missal (keeping in mind that the prayers and readings are set for Trinity Sunday), especially as an introduction to the Latin Mass.

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