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Catholic Review of: Padre Pio

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Author:  C. Bernard Ruffin

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This item received 4 stars overall. (07/28/2010)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Intermediate

 Suzanna LintonBy Suzanna Linton (SC) - See all my reviews


An informative and uplifting biography that would satisfy even the most hardened sceptic.

Evaluator Comments

Anyone who wants to learn about this beloved saint needs to read Padre Pio.  It is full of anecdotes and biographical data about St. Padre Pio, telling his life story in great detail.  Not only that, but it also gives the historical context of St. Padre Pio.  Too many times a book about a saint details his or her life in a seeming vacuum.   The saint's opposition seems to come from nowhere and without reason.
In this revised and expanded edition of an earlier volume, the author, C. Bernard Ruffin, talks about the historical events surrounding St. Padre Pio, as well as the backgrounds of everyone who had a role in his life.  He also details the history and appearance of the places where Padre Pio lived.  The book goes on to detail the saint's canonization process, as well as gives 16 pages of pictures.  It contains a bibliography and notes section to help the reader to further his knowledge.  So much detail and thought went into this volume that the reader comes away feeling like he truly knows the saint, and the saint feels like a favorite uncle.
One of my favorite stories in the volume tells about a luncheon St. Padre Pio hosted.  The adults were so busy talking amongst themselves, they had momentarily forgotten about the saint!  Padre Pio noticed a little boy looking bored, so he slipped out the front door and coaxed the boy out of the window.  He took him up to his room and fed him chocolate.  Padre Pio then snuck the boy back in the way he came out while the padre went to the front door, where he teased the adults for ignoring him!  It is such stories like these that, unlike many other saints books, makes the beloved padre seem very human.  And yet, this does not detract from his holiness.  In fact, it gives the reader hope that he can reach sainthood, as well.
C. Bernard Ruffin is a Lutheran pastor (though you wouldn't know it from this book) and a retired high school history teacher.  He has written several books on spirituality and religious history.
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