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Catholic Review of: Manual Of Prayers

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Author:  Rev. James D. Watkins

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This item received 5 stars overall. (01/24/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
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Miss Bernadette FoxBy Miss Bernadette Fox (MI) - See all my reviews


A Beautiful book with Beautiful prayers

Evaluator Comments

I will tell you what the Manual of Prayers isn't. It's not one of those prayer books that seems to have every written prayer out there. It's not a prayer book that has unfamiliar and queer prayers, as some books I own have. It's not one of those prayer books that only has your standard Our Father and Hail Mary type prayers.
I will tell you that it IS my favorite prayer book because it has all the prayers I need without going overboard. It has the perfect balance of standard prayers and not-so-familiar prayers so as to make it very approachable, yet still different enough to inspire and captivate. 
The manual begins with Prayers for Mass, many with Latin equivelents and is followed by Prayers for the Sacrament of Penance and morning and evening prayers. After a few standard Litanies there are some special devotional prayers. Prayers to the two greatest saints, the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph, come next - included, of course, are the prayers of the Rosary. Then comes a section I have named hearfelt prayers, although it's called Occasional Prayers. They are usually brief prayers for a particular petition written by a saint or holy person. Prayers for specific people and needs come next. Always glad to see this in prayer books; a quick prayer for a priest; a brief petition for the health of a sick loved one; a prayer for the discernment of ones vocation. There is a very special part in the manual just for prayers written by well-known saints. They are what I call Prayers of Love. A prayer book is not complete without novenas and this one has a good amount near the end. The book signs off with selected chants, both in Latin and English.
I found this prayer book to have just the right amount of prayers and the selection is spot on. But even more so I find that the quality of the book itself adds to the whole prayer experience. The cover is bound in a soft, white leather (also available in black leather) and decorated with simple gold titling and gold gilding on the edges of the cream-colored pages. Ribbon bookmarks are sown into the binding for practicality and the size of the book fits snugly in your palm. 
It is a beautiful book with beautiful prayers.  
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