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Catholic Review of: A Handbook On Guadalupe

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Author:  Br. Francis Mary, F.F.I.

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This item received 5 stars overall. (02/06/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Easy

 Christina KingBy Christina King ( ) - See all my reviews


I have read many books, but this seems to encompass it all

Evaluator Comments

I absolutely love the Handbook on Guadalupe.  It is one of the most comprehensive books I have read on Our Lady of Guadalupe in my research to show how this image has within it, truths of the Immaculate Conception, Divine Mercy and Pope John Paul II for this era.
It covers the image as a historical apparitian, another chapter covers it as an ancient Nahuatl Codex, it has information about this image as an icon for life in the pro-life movement, it goes over so many facets of the image as an icon, a codex, a language, a means of conversion, as history you name it and it will be there to give you a basic understanding of this multi-faceted piece of miraculous art from God. 
This book has so many facets to it that I could not possibly share it all with you therefore you must read it for yourself but in terms of this having facets that I have not read anywhere else, I would have to agree.  I also love that in the back of the book amongst the bibliography it also shares with you a timeline of the events and ties in relevant information going on throughout history at the time of the apparitian and others. 
We also get a glimpse of how this image is tied to scripture as well as to Spainish "Our Lady of Guadalup".  This image is full of suprises and if you have had a love of Our Lady of Guadalupe then this is the book for you.  It is was inspired my work and I believe it can be the same kind of inspiration for any person out there that may believe as I do that this is the Icon for life, love and the New Evangelization.
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