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Catholic Review of: First Corinthians DVD Set

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Author:  Dr. Tim Gray

  • Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
  • Ascension Press
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This item received 4 stars overall. (06/24/2009)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
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 Breanne ClarkeBy Breanne Clarke (CO) - See all my reviews


An informative Bible study that will renew your appreciation of St. Paul

Evaluator Comments

The First Corinthians Great Adventure program is one of the supplemental studies to the Bible Timeline series.  My young adult group chose First Corinthians because it is only a ten-week program with 30 minute lectures.  The 24-week Great Adventure set with Jeff Cavins was amazing, but after finishing that we were looking for something with less reading and shorter video sessions.  The cost is much less and it requires very little preparation time.  In fact, because the passages are very short, we frequently did all the reading as a group instead of individually at home.

This program was brand new at the time our study began.  It is a little more technologically up-to-date than the Bible Timeline 24-week study.  It has slick slides with the passages Dr. Tim Gray is reading and the recording is of a higher quality.  This one is filmed in a studio instead of in front of a live audience so it doesn't have any distracting people shots.  I have to admit though that I was a little disappointed in Dr. Tim Gray's stage presence.  I attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Gray on Revelations and I left fired up to begin First Corinthians.  He was an articulate speaker and related well to the attendees.  On the DVD (particularly in the first few sessions) he was stiff and seemed ill at ease.  Maybe a studio is not a comfortable atmosphere for him.

Don't let that dissuade you from taking this course.  The quality of information in the DVD is unparalelled.  Dr. Gray gives a lot of historical background as well as verse-by-verse commentary.  He is careful to show the entire theme of the letter instead of picking lines, taking them out of context, and using them to prove this or that.  He also does a good job addressing some of the difficult and confusing issues in 1 Corinthians that puzzle many Catholics.  When the 10-week course was over, I immediately read 2 Corinthians and continue to read selections from these letters on a weekly basis.

The First Corinthians Bible study brought St. Paul and his letters to life for me.  The Epistles are no longer boring litanies about how we should be good Christians.  They were written with a specific purpose and they have particular meaning to modern Catholics because the issues that caused problems 2000 years ago still trouble the Church today. 

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