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Catholic Review of: A Child's First Communion and So Much More DVD

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  • Average Rating: This item received 4 stars overall.
  • Liguori
  • ISBN: 0764820516
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This item received 4 stars overall. (02/07/2012)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
Reading Level: Children

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Great First Communion Resource

Evaluator Comments

I had the opportunity to review "A Child's First Communion And So Much More" featuring Father Joe Kempf. There are two sections to this DVD. In the first section entitled "For Adults", Father Joe explains to parents the importance of Communion and reasons that they should attend Mass regularly and take Communion. In the second section, entitled "For Children", Father Joe and Big Al explain Communion to the children. At the end there is a guided opportunity for children to silence themselves and meditate. Although this DVD is entitled "A Child's First Communion", it is appropriate for children of all ages and helps to send home the message that the Eucharist is really Jesus' body and blood and that we must recieve it often and with reverence. 

My middle son will be recieving his First Communion this April. I am very excited for him and that is the reason that I requested the opportunity to review this DVD. I really enjoyed the part for parents and I think that some of the things that Father Joe says are things that need to be said more often. For example, Father Joe points out the importance of frequent Mass attendance. I know that my parish is not the only one that has a full house on Christmas and Easter but rarely in between. In the children's section, Father Joe explained things to the children in a way that they can understand. I love that Father Joe speaks in such a mild manner and he really seems to have a true love for the Eucharist. I admire that. Although I am only a parent, I think that this DVD would be a better resource for a First Communion teacher and will be forwarding this copy to my son's teacher. 

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