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Catholic Review of: Changing Sides

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Author:  Abby Johnson

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  • Ignatius Press
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This item received 5 stars overall. (09/12/2011)

Orthodoxy: Completely orthodox.
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 Patricia PotterBy Patricia Potter (VA) - See all my reviews


Changing Sides

Evaluator Comments

After reading Unplanned and being very impressed, I was certain I’d want to watch Changing Sides the documentary DVD made about how a pro-life presence changed the heart of a Planned Parenthood director. 

In much the same way that Unplanned included Abby Johnson’s thoughts and feelings about Planned Parenthood over the years, not just since she has changed sides, the DVD covers the span of her journey as well.  It’s quite eye-opening and humbling to see the care and concern she had for women which inspired her to volunteer and later work for Planned Parenthood. 

This documentary follows her emotional and spiritual journey as she struggled to decide which side of the fence she wanted to be on once the company’s bottom-line (it’s all about the benjamins) was made abundantly clear to her through pressure from her supervisors, being written up for the first time in her career, and once she left, a major lawsuit meant to silence her from telling the truth about what she’d heard, seen, felt, and experienced.  Abby Johnson and the Coalition for life have come out with a book and a documentary.  Guess who won the lawsuit? 

Abby Johnson, the co-founders of 40 Days for Life, Shawn Carney and David Bereit, as well as Austin, Texas, Coalition for Life members are interviewed as is the lawyer, Jeff Paradowski who handled their case.  The viewer gets a taste of what it’s like inside Planned Parenthood, a tense courtroom, the Coalition for Life office, as well as what it’s like for prayer vigil participants outside the abortion clinic.     

I know (and so does Abby) that it was through the grace of God that her conscience was pricked, prodded, and shoved to face the truth about the company to whom she’d dedicated many years of her life.  It was painful, but after assisting with an ultra-sound guided abortion, she could not deny the fact that she was taking part in the killing of babies.  She could no longer get away from what she was told from upper management: the focus for Planned Parenthood needs to be on abortion, because that’s where the money is.     

You won’t want to miss the story of the dedicated Planned Parenthood supporter, volunteer, then employee of the year who experienced a major conversion that has since led her to become a prominent Pro-Life Activist.    

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